Steel Wire Rope

Wire rope category.
1. Steel wire rope
2. Wire rope
3. Stainless wire rope

The essential factor for lifting and pulling is "Wire rope". Mostly, the accident from lifting and pulling occur because of the wire rope doesn't meet the standard.
The excess used from the wire rope also reduce the capability of wire rope. In addition, the second hand wire rope is low price but the safety condition for use of it may caused your damage.

Guide for stainless steel wire rope
1) Do not coat stainless steel wire rope with wax, compound with shiny and acid because all this chemical may cause stain on the stainless steel wire rope's surface and difficult to clean.
2) Do not use the cleansing product which has an ingredient of Chlordies, Helides, Bromine, Iodine, and Fluorine.
3) Do not use disinfectant for cleaning stainless steel wire rope.
4) Do not use hydrochloric acid (HCI) for cleaning stainless teel wire rope because stainless steel wire rope will be pitted and stress corrosion cracking.
5) Do not use jewellery cleaners.
6) Do not over use powdered detergent for cleaning stainless steel wire rope because there will remain the srain on the surface of stainless steel wire rope.

Type of  Wire rope
1) Steel wire rope
2) Wire rope
3) Stainless steel wire rope

The main use for wire rope is pulling, lifting, stretching, draging. As you known that there always an accident occur because the wire rope doesn't meet the standard which may lose your asset. Or overuse the wire rope capacity and efficiency which make the wire rope easily damage. Be avoid to use the old or second hand wire rope althought there is cheap but not safety enough for your asset.
Wire rope is the important product in many industries. So, the producers should calculate the weight, pulling, and other values of wire rope accurately. Because of wire rope can support all product's weight. For each industry, the use of wire rope will be different, thus there are variety of wire rope such as stainless steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, coated wire rope, independent wire rope core (IWRC), Fiber wire rope, and other wires.
Normally, people will not notice for wire rope's structures and elements. Sometime, the wrong used for wire rope's elements and structures may not suit for each industry. Before you use the wire rope ensure that wire rope's elements and structures is match up together which your construction. If you don't sure, consulting the wire rope's information will be the good choice.

Wire Rope's Composition.
Wire Rope feature generally can be divided into 3 compositions. Which are core's wire rope. spiral's wire rope and number of wire rope line. Each number of wire rope line can make wire rope indentiyf itself which will be strenght, softness, rough, and gentle. For example, Independent wire rope core 6*37, there is 6 spiral which in each spiral also have 37 wire rope inside.

Tip for correctly use of wire rope
1.) Know the objective for the construction.
2. ) Each size of wire rope have differently support the weight.
3. ) Wire rope has a strength and gentle follow their structures. If wire rope's structure is great, wire rope will be more strengthen, hard to twist, wire rope usage depend on what to construct, build์? Because wire rope have many structures for many use of construction.
4. ) The small size and medium size of wire rope is supported work in water or sea because of steel wire rope does not absorb water as fiber wire rope. The result that steel wire rope will be slowly deteriorate.
5. ) Banding the wire rope can be conducted for 2 main methods.
5.1 ) Using 2-3 Wire Rope Clips for each wire rope.
5.2 ) Using Hydraulic machine to press the Aluminum Oval Hourglass with wire rope'sline already unite.

Using the Independent Wire Rope Coat (IWRC) to fit the result for wire rope will be bended as size for using together with crane. The normal size is about 30 - 45 cm.,
this is the engineer's standard for the proper used.
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